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About Boykin Brothers
Boykin Brothers Inc. was founded in September of 1997 with a goal to produce structural and architectural concrete products.  Since then BBI  has become the holding company or majority owner in four companies that are all focused on providing its customers with quality product and services at competitive prices.  BBI was founded with family principles by three brothers who knew success was inevitable if they combined their experience and knowledge into starting their own family business.  Their goal is delivering top-quality structural and architectural precast or prestressed concrete products, manufactured with the latest technology, and delivered with the same attention and care the customers expect for their projects.

The first step began in the purchasing of an existing precast plant, investing in new and efficient equipment, and increase productivity while reducing costs.  The next step was to acquire a trucking company to ensure their customers received timely and cost effective shipping.  Next, BBI helped started Concrete Impressions, and lastly, to ensure they were part of and stayed ahead of the technology curve, they created a research and development company specializing in designing, developing, testing, and manufacturing alternate building products.

Louisiana Concrete Products has been a designer and manufacturer of quality precast concrete for almost 50 years. Louisiana Concrete Products was formed in the early 1950’s primarily pre-casting channel slabs and manufacturing modular blocks. LCP was originally located in North Baton Rouge, but also had a location in New Orleans and an affiliate in Lake Charles.  In 1962, the precast division moved to its current location on Old Perkins Road in Baton Rouge to start manufacturing pre-stressed concrete products for the Louisiana Department of Highway.  That is when the plant began its history of producing outstanding small and multi-million projects.  Today, Louisiana Concrete Products continues to be a name associated with top-quality.  LCP’s flexibility goes beyond the standard structural and architectural precast and prestressed products.  With product capabilities ranging from load-bearing, and non-load-bearing wall panels, spandrels, beams, mullions, columns, piling, retaining wall elements, floor and roof slabs, joists, stairs, seating members, and much more, the production possibilities only stop at the imagination of the architect, engineer, and customer.

B&B Transport Founded January 1998 by Boykin Brothers, Inc.   B&B Transport specializes in heavy and oversize hauling.  B&B Transport focuses of providing the most reliable and dependable trucking services to both BBI and other outside customers.  B&B transport can haul to local or nationwide destinations.

The employees in our PCI Certified plant are dedicated to providing the needed attention and concern you have and expect for your project.  We are proud to be PCI certified and continue to meet and exceed the standards of certification and guarantee our customers expectations for quality and service are continually and consistently met.

Products and Systems Areas of Expertise
  • Precast Concrete Wall Panels
  • Architectural Flatwork
  • Soundwalls
  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Double T's
  • Precast Concrete Pile
  • Hollowcore
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Parking Structures
  • Industrial Warehouse and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Medical Facilities
  • Educational Buildings
  • Correctional Structures
  • Cold Storage
  • Hotels/Motels and Recreational Complexes

BBI/LCP has over 300 years of combined experience -- and a plant history of producing outstanding small and multi-million dollar projects -- but none of our past successes are as important as your needs today.

We can provide you with quality products at a competitive price while keeping your needs, budget, and timetable in mind.


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